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Vancouver travels How to Spend a Perfect weekend in Vancouver, Canada.9 tips

Here’s How to Spend a Perfect weekend in Vancouver, Canada

London Travel: Here the best 7 things you’ll ever need to know about planning a trip to London

We all know that London is a very popular tourist destination in Europe. The city features limitless things to see and do but to enjoy yourself to the fullest here, there are some little things that can make a big difference. This brief will answer all the questions you have about visa, where to stay in London,...

How coronavirus1 spreads on a plane and the best safest place to sit

How coronavirus spreads on a plane and the safest place to sit

10 Things that will make your next long trip better

Even expert travelers make some mistakes when they are packing, choosing the travel company, and even when they are on their long trips. There are some great chances that you will end up making mistakes when you plan your travel today, no matter how careful you are. This is the main reason why you should be guided...

09 Important travel tips to avoid infection with the new coronavirus

The World Health Organization has issued important advice to international travelers on preventing the coronavirus, which is still killing its victims in China. The new Coronavirus was reported in December of 2019 in Wuhan, central China after it spread to a live animal market in the city before the epidemic spread to several parts of the country....

Queen Elizabeth’s country house will become a cinema in one weekend

Queen Elizabeth became more creative during the coronavirus pandemic and invited guests to participate in a new social event in her country...