10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Izmir

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. Not only the third largest but also the third most populated city of Turkey. Izmir is a well-populated city with an estimated population of about 2947000 people living in the city. It is considered as old as 3000 years from now. The people of Izmir have carried forward their old traditions and culture to their next generations. Their strong culture has been preserved from generation to generation and still intact. Izmir seaport the main seaport of Turkey where they carry out their Import Export trade.

In olden times Izmir was called Smyrna, until 1930 and after that, it was changed to Izmir and was internationally recognized.

Cultural heritage one of the major reasons to visit Izmir. You may have seen thousands of destinations with beaches and landscape views but if you are interested in culture and arts than Izmir is the right spot for you. Izmir has a lot of richness in culture and history which has been carried from about 3000 years back. You can see that in modern bazaars as well. Izmir is famous for its bazaars. They are a great attraction. It is a slightly different kind of market and many of the traditional varieties are available there. The shopkeepers are friendly and even though you don’t want to buy anything, they would allow you to visit the shop and entertain you with all the variety they have.

Izmir is famous for its variety of teas. You can have different types of teas and coffees as well. Tea is exported as well to other countries but the best way is to go to Izmir and enjoy the fresh varieties of tea.

When it comes to food, Izmir is a hub for the best restaurants in Turkey. Each and every restaurant will treat you in a special way. They will offer you freshly baked bread with hummus and olives which is a tradition over there. The kebabs are the most important variety of food and you will find thousands of varieties of kebabs.

From the snowy mountains to beautiful landscapes to sunny beaches, Izmir has it all. The best thing to visit Izmir is that it is a complete package. The mountain the landscapes and the beaches all in one place.

Izmir Wildlife Park has been an attraction to the tourists. The beautiful tigers, elephants, zebras are famous and excite many families. Not only for the singles, but Izmir is also good for families. The people of Izmir are so friendly and caring, they welcome tourists from all over the world and treat them very well.

As the Izmir seaport is a famous seaport, it is a frequent use seaport for cruise ships. If someone enjoys traveling by sea, then Izmir is all he wants. Fresh seafood serves people with an exquisite taste that people enjoy a lot.

From different flavorsof food to beautiful mountains, landscapes, beaches to shopping and everything, Izmir is the must visit place for vacations.

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