10 Signs Your Dog May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge

1. Trouble Standing

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If coordination problems aren’t what’s keeping a dog from moving around, it could be pain and muscle weakness. Muscles gradually deteriorate due to advanced age and poor nutrition. A dog that used to be able to leap over the fence might start having trouble walking and even standing. This inability to move around can be both frustrating and depressing to the dog. Some try their hardest to get up only to collapse due to weakness.

Watching your dog’s health decline is the most painful part of being a pet owner. Above everything else, you don’t want them to suffer. Making an end-of-life decision for your dog won’t be easy, but it’s important to put your dog’s needs above your own emotions. Think of the situation objectively and talk to as many people as you can. Discuss with friends who made similar decisions and talk it over with other adults in the family. Your veterinarian will give you their recommendation, but the decision is solely yours to make. Palliative care can help ease your dog’s suffering and keep them comfortable as you consider options.

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