10 Things TO Avoid While Traveling

Traveling is one of the most observed activities across the earth. Several blogs and travel agencies have shared impressive articles about what to do when traveling and not what to avoid. In this article, we will observe the things that you should avoid when next you are catching a plane to another country, or on a road trip.
This article is aimed at saving you an embarrassment or gearing you towards a more fulfilling travel experience. Explore these 10 tips on what to avoid while traveling or during your next vacation.

1. Never Book Your Travel Too Early

Traveling is all about moments; brilliant and exquisite moments, magical moments that should never be missed and even some unbelievable moments that compels you. And although every traveler is looking for the cheapest way to find that moment changes it all, it is not advisable to book your flight so early. Travel agencies and air flight owners too create unbelievable moments. Waiting till 3-4 months before booking your flight might give you the best deal. In fact, the best deal for catching cruises happen in the last minutes.

2. Never Be Too Engaged With Your Phone

Instead of having your smartphones handy, substitute for Camera and be in charge of your tour. Social media check-in or keeping up with your contacts is a big way to lose out on the juicy part of your travel. It is a vacation, not a social gathering.

3. Never Take Portraits of People Without Their Permission

It is rude to try to take people’s pictures unaware. Consent is key. Always ask to take their pictures to avoid law issues. Pictures come out better when consent is sought. Street photography is not always about subjects, and if you cannot seek consent, you can explore architectural photography.

4. Never Ignore Security

Why you can travel in the first place is because you are alive. Traveling to new places require that you are security conscious and alert. Don’t walk an empty park alone, don’t explore deserted places on your own, choose to stay at hotels with Google rating, always use your Google maps, don’t put yourself out as a stranger.

5. Never Exchange Your HARD EARNED Currency At The Airport

You don’t want exchange agents who are opportunists to crumble your cash because of exchange rates, right? Exactly! Please don’t ever change your currency at the airport, instead, use your ATM or trade at local exchange shops or banks downtown.

6.  Never Dress Indecently

Different travel destinations with their very different dressing norms. Be as comfortable as you can, but do not dress indecently. Always check your travel destination for their acceptable dressing patterns so as not to make costly mistakes.

7. Never Let Bank Charge You for Foreign Transactions

At the end of the day, you should not return home broke or almost broke because of surcharges by bank ATMs. Ask and be sure of the ATMs you will be using in your foreign destinations. Never let any bank reap from you what they did not sow.

8. Never Use Taxis

Exclusivity is fine but not in a foreign country. Use cabs as often as possible because taxis will overcharge you. They have a mild way of knowing and billing tourists.

8.  Never Roam Your Phone

Roaming is an easy way to get data, and virtually all of us do that. However, the financial implication can be mind-boggling. Never roam your phone in order to avoid massive charges by your local data provider. It is advisable to use your Hotel or hostel’s wifi or contact your local network provider about a possible oversea plan.

9. Never Ever Eat Near Tourist Centers

Eating is a serious venture. Everyone loves to eat, wants to explore food in new places, wants to stay energized and replenished. But it is essential to eat where you will not have to break a bank, and an example of such places is not near tourist centers. Because tourist centers are attraction sites and a lot of people will be there, hence, the reason for hikes. Go eat downtown, uptown, Middletown but never those tourist centers.

10. Never Take Body Languages for Granted

There are several body languages used in different places. It is expedient to research about the body languages used and not used in your next travel location. This will save you from trouble as well as help you understand your hosts better. 

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