10 Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling

Sleeping while traveling is a tedious task. Traveling can disturb your sleeping pattern and make it even harder for you to get enough rest during your busy schedules while on trips. Here are ten tips for better sleep while traveling.

1. Booking a seat ahead of time-

When traveling by air or by train make sure you book your flight on time and try to book yourself a window seat. Booking yourself a window seat can allow you to rest your head on the side rather than sitting straight through the journey. You could also book top bunks.


Remember your fav socks or a teddy bear as a kid? Think of this as an adult version now. Carry things which are in your sleeping essentials, for example, your favorite blanket. You can also have relaxing music on which can make you feel comfortable and make you sleep better. 


An essential tip for better sleep while traveling is clothing. Clothing is essential to comfort when you sleep. Try wearing comfortable clothing, perhaps take an extra pair of pajamas or a sleeping suit that can help you ease into sleep while in longer journeys.

4.Body language-

Try not to cross your legs while trying to sleep especially when your flight is long. Your blood flow can get restricted when you cross your legs. This position can cause significant discomfort and can wake you up when you fall asleep while traveling.

5.  Meals during your journey-

Try not to eat lunch within two hours of trying to sleep. Eating fatty foods before a flight might feel uncomfortable and make it harder for you to catch sleep. Fatty foods make your heart pump harder than usual, and this will make it harder for you to sleep. Sugary snacks should also be avoided that give rise to your energy levels during your journey.

6. Adjust the lighting-

You also have the option of closing your windows during flights. However, trains can be very loud and bright, so you should always carry eyeshades and earplugs to shut down the noise and the brightness. You can also bring personal blinds for your car to dim down the lighting and have some privacy.

7.Tickets and identity verification-

When traveling by train, you should always place your ticket where it is always displayed for example hang it around your neck on a chain. Otherwise, the conductors may awaken you when coming to check for the ticket. 

8. Take along a neck pillow-

A neck pillow makes your sleeping while traveling position much easier. It gives your head support no matter what seat you might get. This makes sleeping much easier during traveling.

9. Read your favorite book-

Another great tip while traveling is to carry a good book you’ve wanted to read. Reading can keep you calm and collected. In addition to this is a great activity to do before you tire yourself out and sleep.

10.  Have your phone or tablet on you

You can watch a movie or perhaps listen to light music when trying to sleep. This distracts you and keeps your mind at ease during longer journeys. You can even turn on white noise that helps a lot of people sleep.

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