Are you dreaming of a single holiday?

Are you tired of having a busy life? It’s time to have a break to travel on your dream holiday. What about the solo journey?
What is a solo journey?
 It merely travels a single person usually takes that. 

Why travel alone?

 A trip is a small vacation taken to move away from your daily routine. But why traveling alone is an exclusive privilege? As a single person, you enter into a different environment, society or culture. This is not only a mind relaxation but a lifetime social experience. 

   Why traveling alone is right for you?

·        As the main advantage, you get to build new inter-relationship with a new part of society. Because you travel alone, you get to communicate with the people may be without the knowledge of language or culture. Thereby this builds new inter-relationships.
·        It is necessary to consider the other partner when traveling with someone. So that additional pressure is released due to going alone.
·        Ability to stick to your plan.
·        Able to use your budget systematically.
·        Ability to stick to your budget.
·        As there is no need of considering other person time can be managed well.
·        Ability to stand against challenges grows together with the knowledge.
·        Able to collect a bunch of memories out of the new experiences.
·        This trip is more suitable for personalities such as poets, writers, scriptwriters, etc. for their new creations.

 How can traveling alone become bad?

·        In your trip you might face difficult situations; these situations have to be overcome only by yourself.
·        Sometimes the expenditure of your trip can become expensive.
·        As you are traveling alone, there is a more tendency for getting lost.
·        Sometimes the trip might get bored.
·        Lack of safety due to unexpected accidents such as natural disasters, robbery attacks, etc.
·         You might face difficult situations in that particular trip area due to political or economic reasons.
·        There is no possibility for depending on electronics totally as electronic problems are unexpected.

How to organize a solo trip?

·        Decide the suitable location as to your wish. It might be an adventure, educational, exploration or pilgrimage.
·        Organize your trip considering the purpose together with your expected budget while having a backup plan in hand.
·        Study about the economic or political situation of that particular area.
·        Pay more attention to the background of that the particular area especially regarding the culture and people.
·        Pay particular attention to the weather forecast.
·         Always have an alternative backup plan regarding the items that you take on your trip.
·        Have an updated map of that particular landscape.
·        Forget caring unnecessary items on your trip and focus on taking only the necessary.
·        Have details of notification in case of sudden accidents.
·        Spend more time to organize your trip well by considering all the areas. 
·        When organizing the trip, it is not possible to remember every single detail. So having a written document acts as better guidance.

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