10 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

I bet you already had a plan to treat yourself better in 2020. Although this is a resolution that almost everyone had, the majority of people think that it’s a big deal and would cost a fortune which is not true. Today, we are listing the 10 most common things that you need today that you can cheaply purchase for yourself this 2020.

Wine Gadget

This year, you have to get that wine in style. For this reason, you should purchase a game-changing and classically designed wine gadget. It should be an all in one gadget posing as a stopper, pourer, aerator, re-corker, and a filter. This is for those people that are in love with wine.

10 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

One line a day journal

In 2020, you also need one list a day Journal to record all your daily thoughts on the same dates every time. You also need One list a Day Journal to record your thoughts at the same time a day over a year. These journals are perfect for people that want to record their daily experiences. So if you are one of them and don’t have enough time and energy to keep big journals, this is for you.

Soap dispenser

In 2020, you must approach things differently. As a matter of fact, you should consider a snail soap dispenser in the list of things to treat yourself with this year. This soap dispenser is a beautiful craft that every guest will comment on.

Scalp-massaging shampoo brush

I know you want a relaxing, exfoliated and deep clean feel on your skin this year. This is what will keep you wondering why you have been washing your hair freehand. With this device, you are going to have a salon-level head massage all the time you shampoo.


You should have the best earrings this year. For that reason, get out of your comfort zone and invest in statement stud earrings. They may look like they cost twice the price on the tag but are simply marvelous.

Punny tote bag

You also need a punny tote bag if you are an animal lover. This is a fantastic cheap thing that you need this year to make your life with animals easy and lively.

Cute socks

Every man or woman needs those cute socks decorated with good-humored kitties. They are for you because you need some cute and beautiful clothes for this year’s fun times.

Hogwarts candle

Get this magical Hogwarts candle that you can use every time you want to experience something out of this world. The candle will light up by just a wave of the hand.

Bluetooth speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is so small but it will brighten your day amazingly. It’s a Rittle whale Shark cute mini Bluetooth wireless speaker that you can use any time of the day or even when you are traveling. It will actually play your favorite jams as you enjoy the rest of the scenes.

Mini Humidifier

Maybe your office or home is as dry as a desert. If that is the case, then invest in a mini humidifier that will only cost you $12.99 and make your life indoors fantastic.

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