Inexpensive Places to Visit This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and most of us have already planned to visit other countries for vacations. Summer vacation has always been a fun part of our life, everyone wants to have a good time and leave the stress of everyday life. Summers are the best time to do so. To find the best and inexpensive place to visit is hard to do a thing. Let us sort that out for you. Here are some of the best and inexpensive places to visit in summer.


When it comes to vacation the first idea that pops up in our mind is to visit Europe. Visiting Europe around the summer is an extremely joyful idea. Albania is one of the beautiful countries in Europe. There are thousands of places that can be visited and at very affordable prices. From snow-covered mountains to sunny beaches, Albania has a lot to offer for the tourists. Beautiful landscapes present a mesmerizing and eye-pleasing view. The most important thing is that you can visit Albania at a much affordable price than many other countries. If you live in Europe then you can have a trip to less than 200 pounds. There are direct flights from America as well and that makes it one of the cheapest places to travel.

Dominican Republic:

Long beaches, sunny weather, sparkling blue water, what else you can wish for? These are the most attractive features the Dominican Republic has to share with us. Thousands of places and landscapes to witness in an extremely affordable way. Punta Cana a city of the Dominican Republic shares around 100 resorts that attract tourists from all over the world. You can stay in a 3-star hotel for as low as 30 dollars for one person and 50 dollars for two. The average temperature remains between 25 degrees to 32 degrees centigrade. That makes it perfect to visit in summer as it is neither very cold nor very hot.


Having two continents at a time, turkey gives us a taste of Europe and Asia both at a time. The beauty of turkey is not hidden from anyone and it shares some mesmerizing views. Along part of the country is surrounded by two major seas which means Turkey has a lot of beaches. The other thing Turkey is famous for is its food. The food is amazing and there are about a thousand varieties of food. You can stay in a 3-star hotel for as low as 40 dollars per night for two people. Isn’t it great? The whole trip can be done in less than a 1000 dollars.


Being just below the equator makes Indonesia one of the coolest places to visit in summer. A variety of food, humid temperature, and exquisite beaches makes it a perfect location to be visited. The temperature remains between 24 to 28 degrees centigrade which makes it a moderate temperature. The accommodation is also very cheap; it can go as low as 33 dollars for the night for two people at a 3-star hotel. It is definitely worth considering.

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