Vancouver travels How to Spend a Perfect weekend in Vancouver, Canada.9 tips

You have probably thought of spending a weekend or two at Vancouver the British Columbia’s largest city. That has been a lifelong dream of most people but do you know the things you can do here to maximize your satisfaction? Do you have the right information to avoid some costly mistakes?

Perfect weekend in Vancouver, Canada

The city is endowed with so much to do and see a reason why you need enough time to exhaust all of them. Talk about the stunning landscapes, the amazing breweries to the delicious cuisines that you can enjoy on a Saturday evening tour! Here are the things you need to know to maximize your weekend stay in Vancouver, Canada.

A Saturday’s breakfast at 49th Parallel Coffee

The first day you should take breakfast at the 49th Parallel coffee. Just wake up on your Saturday morning to this amazing treat at a good and well-managed coffee joint. You can actually get some blueberry coffee or Peanut Butter and jelly. You will enjoy the doughnut flavors.

Vancouver Art Museum

After your coffee, plan for a tour to the Vancouver Art Museum. The good news is that this museum is found in the city center. It is also one of the museums with a rich history and wonderful structural designs. You won’t want to miss any of the Galleries.

Japadog for Lunch

After your tour to the Art Museum, now stroll to the Infamous Japadog for lunch. This is where you can get some hot dogs with ease because it’s a few minute’s walks from the museum. You can as well enjoy the Japanese noodles and Ebi Tempura with some temperate ice in a bun.


Full and energized, head to Gastown which is just 12 minutes walk from Japadog. This is the place where hipsters sing at Christmas. You also have some experiences with fashion, culture, design, and food that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dinner at the Flying Dog

This is a nice spot to experience a Canadian-like dinner. You can get some smoked and well-cooked ribs, prawn risotto and bone marrow. It’s actually a good place to end your day.

Richmond Night Market

If you are lucky to visit Vancouver from May to October, you just have to get a Taxi and head to Richmond. This is where you will find an amazing night market with almost anything you want.

Vancouver Nightlife

If you are one of us that cannot visit a city without spending some time at night with the locals, then you probably want a club or bar for that case. You can visit the Venue Nightclub or The keg Steakhouse+Bar.

Perfect weekend in Vancouver, Canada

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

Day one is over and the best thing to do is start another day tasting the Asian foods in Vancouver. For that reason, you should head to the Sun Sui Wah Restaurant and order your favorite seafood.

Stanly Park

On Sunday afternoon, you can choose to bike through Stanley Park. This is a good activity to take but only when it’s not hot out there. So make up your mind.

Visit the Suspension Bridge

Before you end your weekend in Vancouver, you ought to spend some little time at the Suspension Bridge. It’s such an amazing structure that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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