Prepare your own Travel Diary

When we are growing up, we like to take risks, new experiences and seeing more of the world much more. Throughout the journey, we take photographs and a lot of videos. But how we tell our unique adventures with our friends? A travel diary is the best opportunity to share our experiences with our friends as well as to collect our memories in those beautiful places. You can write about the trips that you have taken as well as you can print it as a collection of stories, memories, discoveries, and adventures.

Suggestions and Ideas for your travel diary

1.Plan your Trip

Start to plan your trip at the beginning. Travel diary can be used to plan your future trips too. Write what the places you have expected to visit, where you stay, the contact information of the people are, what are the activities that you are going to do likewise you can write whatever you are going to do on your trip. It will help you to enjoy your trip without troubles.


Before you start your journey, you can write about your expectations of the travel why because sometimes, the destination would be different from what you expected. Write about your foods, your imagined town much more. Because sometimes your conventional foods would not be delicious than you expected as well as languages would not be comfortable with you. Write whatever you waited throughout your journey before you arrived. Finally, you can compare all these things.

3. Write what was happened during your trip

This is the most critical part of your travel diary. You can get fresh up your brain while remembering the happenings during your trip. Therefore, try to write even small incidents that happened during your journey. How would you feel after you visit those places, about people, who live in those cities/countries, their culture, what was the view from the top of the mountain like? Much more. This would help you to remember beautiful memories on your trip.

4. Add pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words. So, combine the images of your travel while describing the places you visited, photos of new friends, even selfie. This will make a more comprehensive narrative of your travels. All the time images can bring you to back and fill the blanks what you can’t remember.

5. Write about your trip before you arrived

Don’t be afraid to write about the bad on your trip. Why because even the best journey will have ups and downs.The best travel diaries re straightforward and raw. You can write what you learned during your tour, what surprised you. This will help you to understand your journey and apply them to future trip as well. Travel will help people to grow as well as evolve the best versions themselves.

These are some ideas to inspire you.

People travel for different purposes. Therefore, before you start your journey, you should have a clear goal. Write about it. As mentioned before, write about your expectations, write about yourself, write what are you going to do such as what you want to see, what you wish to taste and write about people who you learned from them and how they welcomed you and how you met them. Not only that but also, write a travel guide and place your recommendations. Finally, write a wish-list of places what you want to go next time.

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