Things that you should Do In Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada, in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence outside of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The Island is famous for seafood such as lobster and mustard and is characterized as red sandy beaches, lighthouses and fertile land. The Victorian government and modern art center, with a theatre and art gallery, are housed in Charlottetown, the capital.

For many years, Prince Edward Island welcomes visitors of all ages, creating authentic Island experiences for all. Our coastline provides some of the world’s most amazing views. Our swept green hills and beautiful countryside keep your cameras busy even further inland. Your Mouth Water will also be supplied with our superb local cuisine, including some of the world’s freshest seafood.  And when you’re playing golf, Prince Edward Island has courses that fit all skill levels and budgets, including several of Canada’s top courses.

Here are several things that you must do while visiting Prince Edward Island. So let’s have a look!

  • Visit the amazing Beaches

PEI and beaches are almost synonymous with each other. When you look at Prince Edward Island, many imagine the warm sand, the red sandstone, the soft blue sky and the surrounding waves on white-caped waves. We have 1100 km of shoreline, most of which are untouched beaches. That’s what settlers from England, French, Scotland, and Ireland saw when they came here centuries ago. And often, when visitors arrive today, it is still the first place to head.

There is a beach that is perfect for yourself no matter if you prefer to dine in the sun, spring in the Water, build a sandcastle, enjoy the sunshine or enjoy this inevitable sunset.

  • PEI may be your Wedding Destination

It was made for marriages. This Island. It’s not surprising that many people have chosen the Island to say’ I do’ with world-class gastronomy, beautiful accommodation, unique venues and scenery that begins to be photography.

Did you ever dream of a wedding that involves a horse-drawn buggy tour around the coast, traditional homeless dinner for guests, a wedding reception in a heritage inn and ceilidh community? These dreams may come alive in Prince Edward Island! Whether you want a small ceremony or a large gathering, here you can plan your dream wedding.

On Prince Edward Island, there are numerous helpful wedding planning services, all from marriage.

  • Shopping

People visit Prince Edward Island in search of unique experiences, indeed for the works and works of art that have been created here. You’ll probably find it someplace on the Island if you’re after something special. All year round, our skilled craftsmen produce unique treasures which you won’t find anywhere. The wool creations of our mills are made of their own sheep and alpaca; a breathtaking selection of sweaters, midges, hats, scarves, and clothes is available. Display and sell decorative and functional items in pottery studios. Experienced woodworkers make cups, bowls and carve masterpieces.

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