Best 10 Things To Do In Washington DC, If You’re Not Really Into Politics

If you have been researching the best places to tour in the US, you probably have come across Washington DC. Although this city is known for its political endowment, there’s a lot you can do rather than consider politics. At a glance, Washington DC is a one-stop destination for Museums, monuments, green scenery, beautiful landscapes, national parks, and whale watching.

10 Things To Do In Washington, DC, If You’re Not Really Into Politics

Here is a list of the things you can do in Washington DC especially if you are not so into politics. The list is limitless so you shouldn’t visit in a hurry. Additionally, research more before you start your journey to Washington Dc.

Visit The Philips collection

For people that want a chance to appreciate modern art, the Philips collection is the place to be. This site was opened in 1921 and has for a long time been the only modern art museum in the US. The site features works by European masters and by American artists such as Mark Rothko and Jacob Lawrence.

Rock Green Park

Have you thought of exploring the city with your family? If yes then Rock Green Park is a perfect place. It is actually regarded as the largest urban park in the country. It’s a good place for hikers and the people that want to try horseback riding or playing tennis.

10 Things To Do In Washington DC, If You’re Not Really Into Politics


Unlike California, Washington Dc doesn’t have many live shows happening every time. However, you won’t miss one live show where you can be lost in on a weekend out. Washington DC also lacks a theater district but you can be entertained on the streets or clubs.

Eat at different joints

One great thing about Washington DC is that you can try some popular cuisines. This is because of the city’s diverse population. You are likely to find some major chefs here that will make every kind of food you want to try.

Walkthrough the streets

The streets of Washington DC are rich with some beautiful structures and monuments to leave you in awe. If you are planning any tours today, then start by visiting Washington DC and take some time cruising the city.

Sample almost everything in the market

It’s time to sample almost everything you come across on the streets and the supermarkets. However, you must be sure you afford those things. With so much to try, I am sure you will not run low on things to see and try.

It’s time to go shopping

Don’t waste even a single minute of your time. If you don’t feel like getting out to the beaches or visiting some museums, spend the day shopping. The city is the center of some amazing clothing stores, accessories, and footwear.


If you don’t have enough money or you are not ready to shop, you can go window shopping. This is actually a fantastic activity given that the city has some of the best designer shops, supermarkets, and malls.

Whale watching Washington DC

There are some main whales watching sites in Washington DC. If for any case you happen to travel during the time of the year when whales are calving or feeding, you will probably have a chance to indulge in whale watching.

10 Things To Do In Washington DC, If You’re Not Really Into Politics

Visit the Lincoln Memorial

You probably want to know some history about one of America’s most respected presidents Abraham Lincoln. So, spare some time and visit Lincoln memorial and pay tribute to this great American Leader.

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