10 ways you are traveling to Taiwan wrongly according to locals

Planning a trip to Taiwan can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right information. If you have never been here any time, then here are some ten ways that you can wrongly travel here according to Locals. Locals have actually revealed the missteps that many international travelers make.

Not doing Homework before traveling

Many newbies in Taiwan usually make this mistake. Many of them travel without the right information about places to visit, what to do in different places, what to wear or even the climate at that point in time.

10 ways you are traveling to Taiwan wrongly according to locals

Not packing wide varieties of clothes

First of all, you have to note that Taiwan is Topical and subtropical. Additionally, Taiwan is an island and so temperatures can change minute after minute. The other thing is that there are late springs and early autumn with thunders. So, make sure you have all the clothes for different weather situations.

Visiting the wrong temples

Every international traveler would want to spend some time in the temples. However, most of the people will go to the wrong ones or visiting during the old hours. The country has about 15,000 places of worship which can be confusing to first-time travelers.

Exploring the island alone

Visitors will choose to tour the country alone which is not advisable. This doesn’t mean that the country is not safe. We acknowledge that traveling with a local tour guide can be greatly helpful because something can happen; again you want to make informed local decisions.

10 ways you are traveling to Taiwan wrongly according to locals

Many visitors come looking for love

In History, many visitors came to Taiwan looking for love, am talking about the 1980s and 90s. I am not saying this is a bad thing but I don’t see any reason why someone should travel to another country specifically for love. It’s an expectation but your fun shouldn’t be shadowed by the outlooks of meeting a soul mate.

10 ways you are traveling to Taiwan wrongly according to locals

Staying only in urban centers

Tourists would think that staying in the urban areas of Taiwan is the best option. Taiwan is different from every other country because most of its beautiful natural resources are in local areas. So don’t just restrict yourself in the urban areas.

Not pre-planning where they want to visit

Many visitors will not preplan a tour destination. This is actually the reason why most of them came confused and wouldn’t determine which among many tourist destinations they should visit. The good thing is that Taiwan locals are very friendly and would be more than willing to help tourists make a decision.

Underrating some destinations

Tourists will not tour some of the destinations may be because they are not worth their time and money. In Taiwan, every destination is a good one. So you shouldn’t have limitations.

Arriving with Great expectations

I am not trying to mean that Taiwan may frustrate you but don’t travel with some high expectations. Many people will travel with expectations of finding a soul mate others with the expectations of visiting every city in the country. Sometimes this is not possible unless you have a lot of time in the country.

10 ways you are traveling to Taiwan wrongly according to locals

Acceptingawful gigs

When you are traveling, you will get a couple of offers. One mistake travelers make is assuming that every gig is good until they start their journey. When planning for the tour, start with making a decision and researching the market for travel deals.

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