Where should I go on my first trip to Turkey?

Turkey is a wonderful country. It provides so much worth seeing to its visitors. There are thousands of places to visit in turkey, which showcases its old traditions and culture. Turkish beauty is not uncommon and shares some hypocritical perspectives. There are two large seas in a large portion of the nation, which implies that Turkey has many beaches. Turkey’s meat is also renowned for. The food is incredible and there are around a thousand food types.


Ephesus is a former location in Egyptian Turkey and is Europe’s complete set classical city. Ephesus was one of the biggest cities in the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD, with the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The Ephesian ruins have been well maintained and have been inside a big archaeological site, making it one of the most famous visitor destinations in Turkey. The huge theatre, Hadrian Temple and Celsus library is among its sights.


Istanbul is one of the finest locations to tour through Turkey with impressive design, historic sights, dining, shopping, nightlife, and exciting environment. The Old City is the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Reichs and is today the biggest town in Turkey. The historical places that makeup Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are the main ones. Istanbul extends across a tight stretch between Europe and Asia, making it the only town on two continents in the globe. Every part of Istanbul is worth visiting.


Today, Side is a beautiful city of traditional ruins and contemporary resorts with sandy beaches overlooking. Side provides wonderful tourist attractions, restaurants, and nightlife on a tiny peninsula. Its main attraction is a place of old ruins, Hellenistic and Roman, with remains of a massive amphitheater and different temples. The charming city of Side provides numerous restaurants, from delis and pizza stores to upscale cuisine, with tight roads and beautiful parks.


The shore of Turkey was a vision for numerous summer holidaymakers and the wonderful scenery of Antalya, which makes one of the most amazing hills and sparkling ocean. Antalya is awarded by isolated beaches and bays outside its primary town. Water, beaches and beautiful sights are worth watching and attract tourists from all over the world. When it’s your first time in Turkey, you should make sure that Anatolia must be visited.


It is situated on the Black Sea in the northeast of Turkey and has passed through the Pontic Mountains; this generates an atmosphere of the mountain station. Turkey, which is sprinkled with silence, provides a distinct attitude in the area. Discover the monastery of Sumela which was constructed during the year 346 AD, a Greek orthodox ministry. Enjoy a sunset on the Black Sea in Boztepe and respect the founding dad of the country in the Trabzon Ataturk KoskuPark. Trabzon also has his own Hagia Sophia, which is a bit distinct than Istanbul!

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