Why should we not take off our shoes during the flight? best 10 tip

Why should we not take off our shoes during the flight?

Do you travel often? Are you unaware of airplane etiquette? Do you mostly travel barefooted? Do you want to know the reasons why to wear shoes during the flight?

Don’t worry! This article is going to remove all your queries and questions. In this article, you will get detailed gross reasons for why should we not take off our shoes during flight.

When you see someone without footwear during flight it not only gives a bad impression but also shows his disrespectful behavior towards others. Besides this, various other factors urge us to put on shoes during flight such as sanitary and safety concerns, and these are more serious than one might think.

As aircraft takes off, it does not mean that you should also take off your shoes.

Bare feet are a Source of spreading germs and diseases

The passengers should not take off their shoes during flight because it might be unhygienic and unsanitary. The naked feet are generally the common source of spreading germs and bacteria in a plane.

The toilets on the plane are not as clean as they look. They majorly spread germs throughout the plane. As, the plane cleaning staff only put a quick spray of disinfectant in bathrooms, wipe them off with toilet papers. There are no rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness of toilets of planes. Everything is under the control of airplanes themselves.

In the plane, the toilets are too small so bacteria spread more easily and rapidly. While using washrooms in-plane protect your hands with a paper towel, avoid touching toilet seats and flush handles.

So if you walk barely footed during flight, germs might get stick to your feet and become the source of diseases.

The bathroom is not the only reason for putting your shoes on during a flight. A sick passenger might also spread germs and diseases. For example, if he is suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases like bronchitis you are more likely to get infected. The liquid on the bathroom’s floor is not water which makes your feet dirtier.

If anything spills off in planes such as juice, any food items or any passenger vomits then cleaning crew in-plane do not clean the entire area properly and thoroughly. The cabin in the plane are spot-cleaned just to remove stain and they do not use any of the disinfectants afterward. The plane cleaners get only 10 minutes to clean the plane between flights. So the germs in-plane remain active and spread diseases.

Do not put your feet on armrest and tray tables. As in 2015, a study revealed that tray tables are the dirtiest part of aircraft. Parents change the diaper of their child on the same tray table.

The passengers should bring their wipes to clean the seats and tray tables.   

Hence keep your feet to yourself don’t move them over the entire cabin or even at the tray table.

Why should we not take off our shoes during the flight?

Cause problems during an airplane emergency

Taking off the shoes during flight can cause serious safety hazards.

During a panic situation, all the debris will not only block your way but also blocks outside of the airplane. All the shoes will be scattered all over the plane. And you will find it troublesome to reach the exit point. If there are pieces of broken glass, metal, or fire your feet will be damaged and burnt and become a hurdle towards your safety.

A delay of a few seconds during emergency exit can put your life at risk, especially in a closed plane. So, do wear your shoes in-plane and remain and remain safe and sound.

Stinking up the whole cabin in the plane.

A passenger when he takes his shoes off, he stinks up the whole cabin in the plane. So footwear is compulsory during flight although there is no public policy that prohibits taking off of shoes during flight.

It’s my advice that you first find out your body type. If your feet smell worse than avoid removing your footwear or apply foot powder or use some baking-soda based deodorant. By doing so the passengers sitting beside you will be more comfortable.  

Swelling and deep vein thrombosis (DVT):

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition in which a localized deep vein blood clot is formed especially in the thigh or lower leg. The persons who travel most often are quite familiar with the changes in the body at 40,000 feet in a pressurized tube like the food tastes differently, hear a crackling sound, feet swell badly, or might suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). And it becomes really difficult and painful to wear shoes again.

Compression socks are the best solution to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and swelling especially during long flights. But travelers mostly do not like them as they are itchy and uncomfortable.

If passengers are concerned about DVT, they should see their GP (general physician) before taking off and follow his treatment plan. The best way to prevent DVT during flight is to drink plenty of water, do little exercises within the plane, walk most often up and down the airplane and break up the long flight after every nine hours.

A probable solution.

You usually get too exhausted after the long and hectic day at the airport dealing with all the boarding staff. And finally, when you get on a plane you want to get relaxed and comfortable by taking off your shoes.

You can take off your shoes and relax a bit. But make sure that during that time you must wear your socks. After you are comfortable enough, put back your shoes on.

You can also wear your bathroom slippers if you find them more comfortable and relaxing. However, they are useless during an emergency but it’s better to wear them instead to remain naked footed.

Keep your shoes on, as a gesture of social disrespect to others

The airplanes usually don’t provide a personal space to their passengers. So it’s really important to respect others and take care of their comfort zone. Taking off your shoes during flight can make other passengers uncomfortable and feel disrespected.

Nobody in-plane wants to see your naked feet so keep them covered with socks or shoes. And it also does not look decent to take off your shoes.

Flight attendants advice to wear shoes

The flight attend ends often advise us forcefully to put on shoes during flight. They say that bare feet can cause potential hazards. According to them, Feet are the real issue during flight, a passenger with stinky and smelly feet discomforts many other passengers. A Barefoot gets exposed to unsanitary conditions more easily than a covered one.

It is better to take off your shoes five minutes after taking off and wear your shoes when plane cleaners start cleaning up the cabin before landing.

Some shoes to be avoided

  • Avoid high heels during flight because they can split the slide.
  • Do not wear lace-up boots in-plane, especially in congested places as one might slip.
  • In an emergency evacuation, flimsy sandals or flip-flops are also not a safe option, one can slip while using an elevator or stairs. Avoiding these also minimizes the risk of getting hit with someone’s luggage or trolleys.
  • Actual rope-soled espadrilles or absorbent shoes are also highly prohibited in flight because the plane’s floors are highly unhygienic and bathrooms in-plane have a liquid in which these shoes will absorb more easily.

So, always keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you during flight  

Keep land pair and an air pair while traveling

You might have noticed that flight attendants wear different shoes at the airport or during flight. Every airline has its policy but usually, the staff wear the shoes with a quarter to three-inch heels at the terminal and switch them with practically flat shoes in a plane.  

Similarly, you should also wear separate shoes while boarding and switch them with heels when you land at the airport.

So, here we have shared what we promised! Informative, engaging, and productive reasons to put on the shoes during flight. In this article we have share that uncovered feet can spread germs, cause problems during emergency airplane evacuation, and get swollen due to pressure generated at height.

We have also discussed some possible ways of getting comfy on a long flight and avoid some types of shoes. Next time if you want to take off your shoes while traveling think twice.

Do you also take off your shoes during the flight? Do you know any other thing related to this topic? Do you know people who do not put on their footwear? Did you find this article informative? Do share your opinions in the comment section below!

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