10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid While Booking a Hotel Room

Booking a hotel can be tricky. Having no experience can cause a lot of distress for you and can ruin your vacation. Here are some points that should be kept in mind before booking a hotel to avoid any problem.


While booking a hotel, the first thing to keep in mind is that what is the location of that hotel? Is it located within the city? Is it close to the places you want to visit? Many people do not focus on this and end up having a hotel far away from famous places which they want to visit and after that, they have to travel all the way to get to those places.

Customer Reviews:

Reading customer’s reviews is important because when you are booking a hotel for the first time, you may not know about their reputation. Customers always give reviews and it is a good practice to read those reviews. By reading those reviews you can judge the reputation of a hotel.

Compare Prices:

Comparing prices can get you the best deal in the minimum price. Nowadays everything is available online and by spending some time on it, you can compare the prices of different hotels. Some hotels give discounts as well. It is better to check the prices before making a reservation.

Follow Up:

Always follow up with hotels. Sometimes the customers have special requests for the room like having a separate space for babies, a room with a balcony or a room away from the elevator. In those cases, the hotel staff might not pay attention to those requests and you can end up having a bad room. So always keep in contact with hotels.


Some hotels give extreme discounts in order to attract customers. But when you book a room, hidden charges start to appear and extra services cost a fortune. So do not fall for the discounts and go for a trustworthy hotel.

Tax and Extra Fees:

When the hotels mention their prices, they do not mention the taxes and other extra charges which may apply. Some people can also get confused with the difference in taxes from one country to another. So always have a good look at all of these while making a budget.

Book a Hotel Directly:

There might thousands of third party websites that can offer you cheap hotels and discount but you should always book from the hotel directly. What these websites do not tell you us that you are booking on a non-refundable price. If by any reason you want to cancel the reservation, then you won’t be getting your money back.

Booking at Wrong time:

When you plan to have a trip, start searching for the hotel right away. If you plan to reserve a room on the last minute, then this will create a problem for you. Booking a room right away is the best practice.

Use credit cards:

It is good to use credit cards because you can get discounts and free stays through that. Credit card companies always give discounts to customers so it is better to pay through credit cards.

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