In Spain 10 terrible tourist mistakes everyone has made You must avoid

Spain is a gorgeous country but it comes with its own laws, weird customs, and prejudices. For this reason, you have to be aware of the mistakes you are likely to make here. Doing this will greatly improve your experience in Spain and make your trip unforgettable.

There is nothing we all look forward to like a long-awaited vacation. Traveling to a new country comes with a lot of excitement. In this case, you will definitely book the best hotel, get the flight tickets ready and pack your bags. Another thing is you research all the best things to do while in a foreign country. However, it all doesn’t end here. Have you tried to find out the things that you are not supposed to do in that place? Many of us don’t even think of this. That’s why we end up making so many mistakes.

10 tourist mistakes everyone has made in Spain

Thinking Spain is all about bulls and flamenco

There is so much more to this beautiful country than the angry bulls and flamenco. Each region in Spain has something great to offer. Therefore, don’t spend all your time in Andalusia watching bullfights.

Do not take punctuality too seriously

Spaniards tend to move slowly. Their lunches and dinners last forever. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. If you come from that part of the world where everything is done in a hurry and with a lot of punctuality, then you might get frustrated while in Spain. What you have to do is to just go with the flow and enjoy your stay.

10 tourist mistakes everyone has made in Spain

Do not involve yourself in discussions involving regionalism

There are regions in Spain where the locals have their own distinct language and cultural practices. Therefore, some people are quite sensitive to the topic of regionalism. Simply avoid discussing anything regarding this as it might offend some Spaniards.

A void shopping in the afternoon in spain

In Spain, people take their lunches seriously. For this reason, it’s common to find a number of stores closed from about 2 to 4 p.m.It’s referred to as the prime lunch hour where most people go for lunch. You can do your shopping in the morning or later in the afternoon after the stores have reopened.

Carelessness with personal belongings

You are supposed to be careful with your personal belongings while in Spain most especially in places with so many tourists. Pickpockets’ are everywhere and not just in Barcelona or Madrid.

Not having some little cash at hand

You might want to try out a dish at a local vendor or buy some souvenirs. However, small shops, as well as taxis, don’t really take credit cards. Have some cash in a variety of sizes that you can use to pay for all small purchases.

Wear appropriate clothing

This goes without saying. There are fashion rules that tourists are supposed to follow. Wear comfortable shoes if you will be visiting various places within the cities. Also, dress decently when visiting churches and monasteries. Last but not least, don’t ever wear the wrong football shirt in a city that is not in support of that particular football club.

Avoid eating at restaurants near tourist attractions and plazas

Spanish plazas are stunning but avoid the restaurants within these areas. They are super expensive and the food may not be as good as you would expect.

Tipping too much

Generally, some people have a tendency of tipping but don’t give too much. In most restaurants, service is included in the bills and a tip of 10% is generally quite generous.

Eating lunch before 1 pm and dinner before 8 pm

Many restaurants in Spain open for lunch at roughly 2 pm and dinner is served from 8 to 11 pm. Spaniards work during the weekdays until 8 at night and that’s when they have their dinner. Don’t show up at a restaurant before its 1 pm or 8 pm expecting to find food.

10 tourist mistakes everyone has made in Spain

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