10 ways to save money while traveling

10 ways to save money while traveling

Not everyone has plenty of money to splash around while traveling. If you are on a tight budget, there are various ways that you can cut down on costs. Here are some great ideas on how to save money while on a trip and still have a great travel experience;

Get a hotel room that has a kitchen area

You don’t have to eat out all the time when on a vacation or order for room service. You will spend a lot of money eating at restaurants than when preparing your own meals. You can make yourself some breakfast and even lunch, and afterward, get dinner at a fancy restaurant. At the end of the day, you have saved on costs.

Make use of cheap transportation

Many of us spend a fortune on transport when on vacations. If renting a car is not necessary for you then make use of the various cheap transportation means that are available. For instance, you can take a bus or train as long as it will take you to the sites you want to visit. In addition, you can walk to a site if it’s not that far.

Shop wisely

The best places to shop are the local stores and markets. Here you will get all the items you need at a lower price. Research and know how things work in towns or cities you visit. At some local markets, they will expect you to bargain before they reduce the prices.


Consider eating street food

I do know people are usually skeptical about eating street food. However, in many cases, it is totally safe and you can get a good dish at half the price it’s offered in a fancy restaurant. Go for the food stand that attracts many locals. You can even request for the food to be prepared as you watch in case you doubt hygiene levels.

Book in advance

Check the dates that may have cheaper flight tickets and schedule your travel at around that time. You should also watch out for offers and special sales for flight tickets. You might save some cash with this.

Opt for free tours

Wherever you go, there are always some free tours offered. Furthermore, free tours can be fun and flexible. If you can’t get a free tour, how about you take yourself on a self-guided tour? It’s a great way to explore your destination.

Book a hotel that’s centrally located

You will spend more money on transportation if you are staying at a hotel that’s far from the attractions. Opt to stay at a place where you can easily get to the bus stop or train station. This will save you money spent on taxis.

Carry your own snacks and water

This is especially important when traveling with kids. Instead of spending so much money on expensive snacks, carry your own and save that cash. In addition, have your own water so that you don’t have to buy it.

Don’t go for the best room if it’s not really necessary

The best rooms are always the expensive ones. Ask yourself if you really need that room and how long you will be staying there. If you are visiting for only two days, and comfortable room will do. After all, you will be back home to your spacious room.

Rent an apartment

When traveling with friends or kids, it’s cheaper to rent an apartment. Two or more hotel roomswill cost more than a rented condo. In addition, you can cook your own meals in an apartment.
10 ways to save money while traveling

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