Things everyone should know about North Korea

North Korea is a secluded and secretive country, and is called the “hermit kingdom” by most people in the world. People have a high degree of distrust of everyone else in the world, and poverty and propaganda are flooding the people (and unhealthy nationalist views).

For many years, North Korea has been a mystery to most Westerners. As we all know, North Korea is at least a little worried about North Korea’s young and unstable leader Kim Jong Un. Following in the footsteps of his father, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un’s trend made headlines all over the world, not to mention the testing of ballistic missiles.

These are everything people know about this country. Everyone knows that it is run by a young man. Since the birth of this empire, his family has accepted anti-Western comments. Everyone knows that the country is testing ballistic missiles. North Korea is known for its tenacious efforts to surpass the rest of the world militarily.

But there must be more, right? For a small country with a population of over 24 million, there must be more. Okay, yes. It is difficult to see the smokescreen of the past.

Therefore, for everyone around who wants to know about this secluded, secret and distrustful country, we found some interesting facts. Some of them are fun, others are frustrating, and more are still a little away. Do you know a few of them?

North Korea is home to the largest stadium in the world

Rungrado Stadium can hold 150,000 people. Michigan Stadium is in second place, with seats reduced by approximately 40,000.

In 2015, North Korea was named after its capital and established its own time zone, Pyongyang time. The time zone is 30 minutes later than South Korea and Japan. It was implemented to celebrate the 70th anniversary of North Korea’s liberation from Japan.

Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle is considered “ambitious” in North Korea. However, to the rest of the world, it looks a bit silly. Still, the man was told to copy his hairstyle. In addition, it is recommended that women copy their wife’s hairstyle or keep short hair.

Less than 3% of North Korea’s roads are level

North Korea has more than 25,000 kilometers of roads, but only a little more than 724 are paved. This is only 2.83% of all roads in the country.

There is a “three-generation penalty” policy

If someone breaks the law, not only will the next three generations be punished, but the entire family will also be punished.

Only three TV channels

Korea Central Television is the main channel and can be broadcast at any time throughout the country. The other two are only open on weekends.

This is the only country in the world that has captured U.S. Navy ships

The “Pueblo” spy ship was captured in 1968, with 83 Americans on board. The Americans have been imprisoned for nearly a year, and the situation has almost escalated into an all-out war between North Korea and the United States.

North Korea has 51 “social categories”

North Korea is the only country that classifies its citizens based on their loyalty to the government. The more loyal the citizens, the higher the level of citizens, the more they enjoy.

Pyongyang is only for the elite

All citizens of Pyongyang are considered loyal and loyal to the regime. Kim Jong Un and the government decide who is worth living in the capital.

Every family has a radio that cannot be turned off

Every house in the country is equipped with a government radio station, and there are strict regulations prohibiting its closure. However, the volume can be lowered.

North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world

The North Korean military employs nearly 1.2 million active-duty soldiers, accounting for approximately 4.7% of the country’s population.

Illegal substances are common and mostly unregulated

Illegal substances are common and mostly unregulated

Compared with other parts of the world, the use of illegal drugs in North Korea is mostly unregulated and surprisingly widespread. It is estimated that 30% of North Koreans use illegal substances. Shoe uppers are often used as an appetite suppressant to help workers spend more time at work.

A political election is held every five years

Curiously, this dictatorship did hold elections. Every five years, North Koreans will vote. the difference? The ballots received have only one candidate name, representing the representative office of the Supreme People’s Congress in their region. Their only decision is to vote for or against the candidate, which involves placing the ballot in a separate box with identification.

North Korea uses other calendars

Most countries in the world use the Gregorian calendar (also known as the Western or Christian calendar). North Korea uses the Juche calendar, which was introduced in 1997 and is based on Kim Il Sung’s birthday: April 15, 1912.

It is illegal to wear blue jeans

Jeans are expensive in North Korea, so if you can afford it, they must be pure black, because blue jeans are prohibited. This was released by Kim Jong-Un, aimed at cracking down on citizens influenced by Western fashion.

North Korea has a propaganda city

Built in the 1950s, Kijong-dong has no actual residents. Some buildings are fake, while others are hollow with windows painted on the surface. The city was established to induce South Koreans to defect to North Korea.

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