Tips to Help You Find Cheap Hotel for Vacations

Finding a hotel is an easy task but finding a cheap one can be a tricky task. There are a lot of options to find cheap hotels. You can find them online and direct as well. Finding them online is an easy way. Follow these tips to get the cheapest prices for hotels.

Think about Location:

If you get a cheap hotel and it is far away from the city, then it is no point to have that hotel. Paying a lot extra in traveling expenses will cost you a lot of money and time. Staying within the city will give you access to different parks, airports, local markets, and many other things. In this way, both money and time can be saved.

Stay a couple of days at Same Hotel:

Many hotels provide you with different discounts and special treatments if you stay for more than one day. If you have to stay in the same city, then why not stay at the same hotel. This can get you great deals at cheapest prices.


If you stay at a hotel for the mid of a week than you can get discounted rates. Weekends are usually the peak time for hotels and they charge the maximum amount of money as they could. So getting a room in the middle of a week can save a few bucks.

Off Season:

If you stay at a hotel in the offseason, then you can get some crazy discounts. In the off-season, the rooms are mostly empty in all the hotels. So instead of keeping the rooms empty, the offer them for a lower price. So if you travel in the off season then you can get some cheaper rooms and save money.


If you are not travelingwith family, then you can hire a hostel as well. Hostel rooms are quite cheap and you can even get bed spaces and share the room with others. Getting a hostel is very cheap as compared to a hotel.


You can also have an apartment if you are traveling with your family. Getting more than one room for a family can cost you a lot of money but having an apartment for some days is very cheap as you get a whole apartment and more people can stay at one place. It is cheap and more convenient as well.

Use Credit Card Points:

It is a good practice to use credit cards for payments, it can save you the hustle of keeping cash as well as it could get you some extra points for using the card which you can use for getting accommodation. Some credit card companies provide you with free accommodation as well for using their card for more often.

Contact the Hotel Directly:

Call or email the hotel directly, they can provide you with the current rates and can even get you discounts. When you book a hotel by a third party, you might end up paying more money and get fewer facilities. The major issue is that if you want to cancel your reservation then you won’t be getting your money back by the third party. 

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